We're in constant motion: going to the grocery store, heading to coffee with a friend, or desperately running to the Clinton-Washington subway stop because the C is the worst subway line in all of NYC and the next one isn't coming for twenty minutes. I digress.

Each one of these 500 paths below represents a journey I made. Every time I make a new journey, it gets added and an old one is kicked out. Life is always in motion, but that doesn't mean you can't take a step back and reflect at the paths you're carving for yourself in this world.

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I live by my top values of zest, curiosity and creativity. I am an avid journaler, a side project connoisseur, and a coffee chat enthusiast. All my work ladders up to building a world where people: act with intentionality, listen with curiosity, and build community through vulnerability. My thoughts are my own and do not represent clients or employers.